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With the Urbanista Lisbon, users can listen to everything around since the ear cups are not completely sealed. Even with certain compromises, the earphones remain in place and are comfortable. The Lisbon features pretty substantial wings to stabilize the buds and keep them in, unlike other open-type earbuds. Let’s find out how Libson measures up in this in-depth review.

Who should purchase the Urbanista Lisbon?

  • The Lisbon is a good option for those who care more about the environment than sound quality.
  • The Libson is a good option for a more solid fit and reasonable cost.
  • Urbanista’s compact earbuds are ideal for those who spend their days in peaceful locations and do not need noise reduction. They also include an easy-to-use control panel and a long battery life.

Using the Urbanista Lisbon?

The Lisbon can’t be customized as much as you’d want, which may turn off some users. On the other hand, the Lisbon provides something a bit different in one of five colors for those who want an essential pair of inexpensive wireless earbuds. Black, Vanilla Cream, Mint Green (more seafoam-like), Blush Pink, and Coral Peach are all color options.

To alleviate the precarious fit of unsealed earbuds, each GoFit wing comprises an outer ring of soft silicone and an inside silicone band. The GoFit branches provide a new level of experience for users. The buds weigh about 4 grams apiece, so you can wear them and go about your day without making any adjustments, but they should never be worn without the winglets. The Lisbon advertising images show the buds without the wings, but they’ll certainly fall out of your hand if you use earphones without them.

I feel compelled to remind readers that Lisbon is not water-resistant. It’s not covered by the one-year guarantee if you take it for a stroll in the rain or work out with it. This seems to be a blunder, given that the GoFit wings imply that you can use the buds while working out. The buds have survived my exercises so far and stayed in place, but you should proceed with caution if you decide to do the same.

Design and Features

Those constantly on the go will find the Lisbon earphones to be a perfect fit thanks to their small size and compact casing. As with the AirPods, the first thing you’ll notice is that there aren’t any ear tips included. Instead of a stem to support the buds, the Universal GoFit wing (as called by Urbanista) on these earphones acts as a stabilizer, unlike Apple’s universal fit headphones. Although the Lisbon shoes have a solid fit, the IPX3 grade means they aren’t as durable as other pairs. There is an option for individuals who like earphones that don’t get stuck in their ears, but there are drawbacks.

It’s not the first time Urbanista’s collection of headphones has been adorned with bright colors. As mentioned earlier, colors include Coral Peach (a soft red), Vanilla Cream (a neutral beige), Blush Pink (a pinky shade), Mint Green (a greeny shade), and Midnight Black (a blacky shade).

The Lisbon doesn’t have a slew of features, which is anticipated for this cheap and small set of headphones. Despite this, the combined battery life of the earbuds is an impressive 27 hours, which should be more than adequate for casual users to get them through many days of usage. If you’re running low on energy and need a speedy recharge, fast-charging and wireless charging aren’t supported.

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The battery life may be explained in part by Bluetooth version 5.2. (v5.2 focuses on battery management). SBC and AAC are the two Bluetooth codecs available. However, you’re more likely to use AAC since it’s widely supported on Android and iOS devices. This is a welcome development in light of SBC’s age and shoddy quality.

The Lisbon doesn’t have a built-in assistant, but it can be summoned using its touch controls to bring up Siri or Google Assistant (or any other digital butler you have). By the way, the touch controls are quite user-friendly. My favorite control method is Urbanista’s two-tap playback/pause method (in my opinion, it’s more convenient). Earbuds don’t need much effort to catch their attention either. That’s all there is to it. If you’re just a casual listener, these earphones will do fine.

Control Features of the Urbanista Lisbon

GoFit Wings help keep the Urbanista Lisbon in place, such frequent concerns like misfiring touch instructions aren’t a problem. The design of the earbuds makes it simple to hold them by their outside edges without having to use the touchpad.

You can’t customize Lisbon’s controls since Urbanista doesn’t have an app for it. For example, a command to return to the previous track would have been helpful. As a result, it’s either good or bad for you. There will be no software upgrades, but Lisbon also has a few frills that need to be kept up.

Exactly how long does the Urbanista Lisbon’s battery run out of juice?

You receive a whopping 8 hours 53 minutes of listening time thanks to the absence of active noise cancellation (ANC). For under 27 hours of battery life, the compact charging case provides two more charges.

The casing features a single LED, and the top has some lateral movement, which makes it seem like something you’d use to hold mints. The case features a magnetic bottom so it won’t fall off a table. This is a welcome addition to an otherwise uninspiring case.

What is the Urbanista Lisbon support for Bluetooth codecs?

AAC and SBC Bluetooth codecs are supported by Bluetooth 5.2 on the Libson. Apple users prefer the AAC codec, but Android users may experience variable audio quality outcomes while using AAC. Using an unsealed device makes little difference in whatever codec you pick because it will hide the external noise. Although having a higher resolution codec is good, it’s mostly meaningless. Roughly 8 meters is required to maintain a steady connection with no blips.

Paring mode of the Urbanista Lisbon

Lisbon’s first Bluetooth connection is simple. It’s as simple as popping up the lid and sitting tight. A reset button can be found on the bottom of the case if you have any difficulties playing—faster repairing than some other true wireless earbuds that don’t feature Google Fast Pairing capabilities. Once the buds are connected, they may be popped out and used to listen to music.

Persons with hearing difficulties can use mono playback. Put one earphone in your ear and the other in the case, and you’re ready to go. Alternatively, you can remove one ear and replace it with the other.

Noise Attenuation of Urbanista Lisbon

Even though the earbuds let all low-frequency sounds pass through, they perform better than other non-sealed earbuds, such as Marshall Minor III.

The Urbanista Libson’s noise-canceling capabilities are limited. You’ll be disappointed if you expect to use this while commuting or working in a crowded workplace. You can hear your surroundings as if the headphones aren’t in, but that’s okay for safety reasons.

Due to the overwhelming ambient noise, I could only hear the high-pitched treble notes of songs throughout my testing.

Advantages of unsealed earbuds

Contrary to popular belief, a lack of sound insulation degrades audio quality, so you may find yourself cranking the volume whenever you drive through a construction site. Increasing the level over 75 dB may cause permanent hearing loss (as warned), so exercise some restraint. For individuals who suffer from vertigo due to incredibly isolating earphones and those with active noise cancellation, isolation is of little help. As a bonus, the unsealed design allows you to take your music on walks while still being aware of your surroundings.

A sound system of the Urbanista Lisbon

Because of their open design, earphones with this sort of ‘open’ design face an uphill task. It’s difficult to judge ‘loudness,’ as audio is shot into the ear rather than embedded inside while there’s a commotion. The Urbanista Lisbon cannot provide a substantial performance because of these difficulties.

To get off to a good start, you’ll need to turn up the volume. Listening to music in public transportation is a waste of time since background noises can overwhelm the music. Lisbon’s clean tone makes it prone to sibilance and roughness, so turning up the volume doesn’t do much to protect you.

Although it’s not unexpected considering their size, Urbanista’s marketing implying a larger soundstage is a disappointment given the lack of breadth in the soundstage.

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Listening to Britney Spears’ Gimme More, the irony of the song’s title is not lost on the listener since the bass is neither huge, hefty, nor forceful.

Despite this, there are positive qualities to take pleasure in. Lisbon’s vocals are clear, with crisp, clean, and well-delivered audio. A piece like Caravan by John Wasson, which demonstrates Lisbon’s good rhythmic abilities while also dealing well with tempo shifts, gives the instruments inside the (limited) soundstage clarity and form.

The Lisbon excel in the mid-and high-frequency ranges, but they are more peaceful than agitated in terms of intensity. These earphones have limited application due to their thin design, lack of separation from the outside environment, and small sound.

Is the Urbanista Lisbon’s microphone up to standard?

In ideal conditions, the microphone on the Urbanista Lisbon sounds okay. However, it tends to cut out high and low-frequency noises. Its ability to block out noise is below par. It’s not a noise-canceling headset, but it’s also not a voice muffler, so it’s not ideal for offices. Typing and speaking are both audible.

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Testing shows the Lisbon microphone system’s shortcoming is contending with city noise, making speech almost incomprehensible under certain situations. In my opinion, you should limit yourself to the workplace and the silent room.

Is the Urbanista Lisbon a good buy?

The Urbanista Lisbon costs just under USD 50, precisely where you want it to be. However, it’s not everyone’s first pick for commuting since you won’t regret it if it’s lost. The Lisbon is light and comfortable in a peaceful atmosphere, such as at home or work. Those who want to hear their surroundings without compromising sound quality should have no problem picking up the Lisbon.

Apple AirPods and their shaky fit has turned many people off to the thought of using unsealed earphones. Our team recommends an isolating fit for the most incredible sound in general. There are, however, situations when an enhanced awareness and openness are beneficial. In terms of unsealed possibilities, the Libson comes out on top.

The bright colors, extended battery life, and super-comfy fit all make this an irresistible product. It’s easy to use and does what it says. The Urbanista Lisbon earphones aren’t the only genuine wireless earbuds out there. But if you’re looking for an affordable, unwrapped set to add to your collection, this is the one.

Alternatives to the Urbanista Lisbon

Also suitable for working out but without any applications, the Anker Soundcore Life A1 is an option worth considering. In contrast to Lisbon, it effectively protects your ear, enhancing the sound quality and making loud surroundings more bearable. The IPX7 grade is impressive since it implies you can use the buds out of a pool unharmed.

The Nothing Ear 1 costs twice as much, yet it’s still in the “budget-friendly” range. Many ear tips are included so you may customize the fit to your ears, much like the Urbanista Lisbon. The app that comes with it provides some EQ options and some active noise cancelation.

Unsealed exercise buds of the highest quality are hard to come by. Consider the Bose Sports Open Earbuds, which cost a premium. Even if the fit isn’t as good as it might be, it’ll hold up through workouts.