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Razer is almost a household name for gamers. The firm has a clear idea of who it wants to target, and it also understands the importance of high-quality audio for enhancing the gaming experience. The Razer Nari Ultimate gaming headset is awesome in many ways. Because of the haptic input provided by the customized drivers in each ear cup, Razer claims the headset offers “supreme wireless immersion.” Let’s find out what quality this headset presents to the gaming community

This headset is for

  • Video gamers.
  • Those in need of a dedicated set for conference calls while working from home.

What makes the Razer Nari Ultimate’s construction so unique?

This headset weighs in at 432g, which is above average in the industry. Although they have a large frame, users can comfortably wear them while oversized, plush synthetic leather ear cushions complete the look. Those who use glasses will appreciate a little more padding for a more comfy fit.

The RGB illumination is kept to a minimum, similar to the Nommo Chroma speakers. There is a little light around each Razer logo on the ear cups, but it is not too strong but fantastic in low-light conditions. However, the two cheap-feeling wheels on each ear cup detract from the otherwise excellent design. Even though the buttons work well, the wheels do not. They aren’t as good as a $$$ set of headphones should be when scrolling.

What is the purpose of Razer Hypersense?

The Nari Ultimate’s hypersense is its main selling feature, and Lofelt was directly involved in creating the haptics. The drivers in each ear cup give low-frequency haptic stimulation, allowing users to feel immersed in the game.

Notwithstanding, this feature is a little iffy. For instance, when you’re viewing a movie or a YouTube video, you’ll notice that every sound triggers a slight vibration that has nothing to do with what’s happening onscreen—on the other hand, listening to music may be pleasurable or irritating, depending on your mood. Even while listening to an album repeatedly, the haptics sometimes overwhelms me.

Connecting the Razer Nari Ultimate

In terms of signal strength, the Razer Nari Ultimate has a respectable level of performance. You’ll need a USB adaptor for your computer or console to make this work wirelessly. Fortunately, the USB adaptor can be used from the storage area on the right ear cup. The headset isn’t compatible with smartphones since it only has a conventional USB port, but you can opt for a 3.5mm cable and a dongle.

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One of the little wheels is devoted to combining the audio from the game and the conversation allowing game audio and dialogue audio to be mixed and matched to suit individual preferences. Rotate the wheel for the right balance. Furthermore, the mute button is located above the wheel, and the power button is located below it. The color of the power button indicates the state of the battery.

How to connect the Razer Nari Ultimate to a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or a Windows PC

A wireless adapter is required to connect the Razer Nari Ultimate to your PS4, Xbox One, or PC. It’s a little USB dongle that you insert into your favorite computer. It would help if you got a little more range by using a dongle that can be purchased separately. In contrast to the standard 10m Bluetooth gaming headphones, you’ll have a range of 12m. This means that users can enjoy audio from across the room with minimum latency.

The Razer Nari Ultimate phone connection guide

You’ll have to use a dongle if you play primarily on mobile devices or the Nintendo Switch, neither of which have USB ports for the dongle to plug into. You can use any standard audio cable to connect this to your source device, thanks to the 3.5mm jack.

Is it possible to use the Razer Nari Ultimate with the Sony PS5?

The aux cord is compatible with the Razer Nari Ultimate and PlayStation 5. Alternatively, users can plug in the 2.4GHz adaptor into the PS5, and it should automatically establish a connection. It is common practice to access the PlayStation 5 menu to confirm that the audio settings are correct

How long does the Razer Nari Ultimate’s battery last?

Nari Ultimate’s battery lasted 8 hours, 22 minutes on our standard battery life test. The headphones were set to an output level of 75dB(SPL), the safest level to listen to prevent hearing damage from excessive noise.

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Procedure for Charging the Razer Nari Ultimate

The provided micro-USB cable may be plugged into the bottom of the ear cup for charging. The Nari Ultimate does not support the newer USB-C charging standard.

Are there any complaints about the Razer Nari Ultimate’s ability to filter out background noise?

In terms of noise isolation, the Nari Ultimate is adequate. The headset can’t match with high-end noise-canceling headphones, but it does an excellent job of keeping the noises of everyday life at bay. You shouldn’t have a problem avoiding the odd sound of traffic or your loud roommate’s music.

What is the Razer Nari Ultimate’s sound quality like?

The overbearing haptics of this headset ruins most modern songs. Listen to Vampire Weekend’s song “Run,” you’ll notice that the headphones shake continually. Nonetheless, when it works, it works well.

Using this headset while listening to vintage New Orleans jazz is fun. Listening to Snooks Eaglin’s Trouble in Mind, the headphones’ subtle feedback gives the impression of a live performance. There are times when you can mistake the thumping beat for a bass kick during a concert. That alone justifies the purchase of the Razer Nari Ultimate for me since I spend much of my time working while listening to classic jazz. However, the mids seem muddy, which is strange since this headset is marketed as a device that can enhance communication with others.

In the mid-and high-range, the Nari Ultimate under-emphasizes sounds over 300Hz. In certain games, this might be a problem with a gaming headset. Amid the din of explosions, quieter sounds like footfall, talking, and other non-explosion noises can be obscured.

Musical instruments like strings and cymbals can be distorted by a lack of focus in the highs. Frank Ocean’s “Pyramids” claps are so faint that they can’t be heard beyond the first few beats. There’s no reverb at all, which is unusual for me.

Is the microphone on the Razer Nari Ultimate good?

Despite its lack of bass, the Nari Ultimate’s microphone should perform well in most cases and for many voice types.

Razer Nari Ultimate includes a retractable microphone that you can use when you need it and can be concealed when you don’t.

Although it has some problems with low frequencies, the Nari Ultimate’s microphone performs an excellent job of recreating human speech. Frequencies below 1000 Hz are under-emphasized for people with deeper voices, resulting in distorted sounds.

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Buying a Razer Nari Ultimate

Despite my reservations about the Razer Nari Ultimate’s build quality—especially at USD 199—it is a fun headset. You may use it for music, but its primary purpose is to enhance your game experience.

The Razer Kraken Ultimate, which has THX 7.1 surround sound, Chroma RGB lighting, and a retractable microphone, is a good option for those who wish to continue with Razer. Excellent sound quality, isolation, and a comfortable fit make the Razer BlackShark V2 a superb choice for gamers – it has a more subdued appearance but a decent microphone.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Razer Nari Ultimate headset, do some homework on what you need it for. Amazon is the preferred delivery service for most people, but several alternative options are available. Before purchasing, keep an eye out for warranties, customer service, and return policies.

Good Alternatives to the Razer Nari Ultimate

The Corsair HS60 is an excellent alternative to the Razer Nari Ultimate if you want haptic feedback in your headset. At 676g, it’s a lot heavier, but its original retail price of $129 is a bargain. The HS60 is an excellent headset with a decent microphone.

The SteelSeries Arctis 7P is a less expensive counterpart of the Arctis 9 Wireless. It is a multipurpose gaming headset for gamers who don’t require haptics. With the Arctis 7P, you get a very comfortable fit and headband suspension mechanism and superb sound quality, and incredible 27-hour battery life, all at a reasonable price. Because it doesn’t come with any surround sound software, this is mainly designed for PlayStation 5 players.