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The Microsoft Xbox wireless headset is an official gaming accessory used across multiple platforms. Microsoft gets in on the fun with a gaming headset that utilizes Xbox Wireless technology.

While many other gaming headsets in the market use Xbox wireless technology, let’s find out if the Headset from Microsoft is worth the investment.

Who will fancy this Headset?

  • Gamers who have Xbox consoles, of course.
  • Those who want something that can be used across multiple platforms.

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset examined.

If there’s one thing all Xbox Wireless headphones have in common, it’s that they’re difficult to use across platforms. For a few reasons, this Headset may well be one of the best headsets interoperable with other platforms.

It can be used to play games on the X-series consoles and the Xbox One. Even though it weighs 310 grams, the all-plastic Headset is neither too burdensome nor comfortable to use. They have big ear cushions coated in plush leatherette for a good seal. Notwithstanding, after some time, I felt a little strain. It took several days of constant use to break in the Headset—no matter how big or small your head is, anticipate a break-in time.

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Though, acclimatizing to the Headset doesn’t take nearly as long as wearing it does, but automatically links with a dongle. It also has a plethora of controls that are simple to use.

Volumes are controlled using the Headset’s circular side panels while pairing the microphone is accomplished by using the buttons on the Headset’s left ear cup’s lower rim. These buttons are well-spaced and distinct, so you won’t mistakenly press the incorrect one. However, a little tweaking is required to get good sound quality from the microphone since it’s not very adjustable.

As with almost every other Xbox Wireless gaming headset, this one has an app that allows you to tweak a few settings for personalized use.

It also comes with an app that lets you change the volume on your PC. The app was designed to use the Xbox Wireless Headset controller with a PC. Users can change EQ settings, adjust the microphone’s level, and even check battery life via the app. Although the PC version may not function as expected, the audio quality is much better than similar Xbox headsets such as the LucidSound LS50X and Razer Kaira Wireless.

Connecting the Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset

Because it adheres to the Xbox Wireless connection standard, Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset may be used with Xbox consoles that don’t have a dongle. Once you’ve paired your console, it is ready to go, just as with a traditional controller connection. To use the Xbox Wireless Adapter, you must be a PC player. The adapter costs roughly $30 and can be found in many gaming marketplaces. It’s ridiculous to have to pay so much money to use your headphones wirelessly on PC.

This one has more connection options than most of its rivals when it comes to Xbox gaming headsets. The Headset can be charged and used while connected to your PC with a USB-C port. A 4.2 firmware enables a Bluetooth connection with this Headset, but since it can only be used with a SBC codec, you won’t be able to listen to high-quality music on other platforms other than an Xbox console.

The battery life of the Microsoft Xbox Headset

This Headset has an official battery life of 15 hours, but it lasted significantly longer in our tests. While it wasn’t the longest-lasting Headset on the market, it’s still impressive since its 75dB (SPL) output can last for 18 hours and 55 minutes of continuous use. Even if you have to give up the slot on your PC that your Xbox Wireless adapter was using, this is a rare headset capable of broadcasting wired audio via a USB-C port. So, you can use it as long as a USB slot is available.

Game Mode

Long gaming sessions can be made more pleasant with the Headset when it has been properly broken in. A large volume knob on the Headset makes it easy to change your audio while other activities you can’t stop.

Microsoft Xbox Headset handles Final Fantasy XIV’s classical music produces quality audio admirably on PC, and the same can be said for Apex Legends. On the other hand, the Headset cam be used with surround-sound feature, which works just as well in this setting as it does in any other.

The sound Quality

Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless Headset has an average sound quality compared to other gaming headsets, with mainly efficient sound quality and noticeable increases across bass ranges. While the enhanced mid sound assures that users are audible, high frequency sounds may be hard to identify in bass-heavy environments.

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The song by King Crimson, is an excellent example of how bass and saxophone can overshadow an otherwise prominent instrument such as guitar.    However, there is no need to worry about this in songs that feature a lot of low-end sounds.

Quick frequency response enhances the sound of gunshots and explosions in games. Additionally, all audio sounds from games should still be audible. With the improved response, it should be easier for players to communicate through voice chat amid heavy combat. Gamers shouldn’t have any problems, but they can have trouble distinguishing between noises if things become too chaotic.

This Headset provides a level of isolation that falls somewhere in the middle for a decent headset. While it isn’t mind-boggling, but it doesn’t need to be either. While this may help reduce noise from a refrigerator or footsteps, it won’t do much more.

Microphone Quality on Microsoft Xbox Headset

This Headset boasts a decent microphone. It still lowers low-frequency noises, but not as much as a normal gaming headset microphone would. Irrespective of the tone of voice, users will always be heard clearly over the phone.

Why Invest in a Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset?

Using the Xbox Wireless Headset is a good option if you’re only playing on your Xbox. The Headset works pretty well for those who need something that works on several platforms.

The Xbox Wireless Headphone from Microsoft is a fantastic headset for gamers on the Xbox One. Because of its sturdy construction and ease of use, the microphone on this Headset is an excellent choice for voice recording. If you’re looking for a high-quality gaming headset at this pricing point, you should anticipate some bass focus. Despite its game headset look, it avoids the gaudiest design elements of gaming headsets, making it less noticeable in Zoom meetings. A USB-C cord instead of an Xbox Wireless dongle means it performs excellently across platforms with Xbox Wireless connection.

Alternative Gaming Headsets

A dongle or a cord can be used to connect wired and wireless headphones across platforms without difficulty. USB-C dongle with SteelSeries Arctis 7P Xbox edition works fine with PCs, cellphones, and the Nintendo Switch console. Users will find that the Razer Thresher Ultimate works better on a PC than on an Xbox. Furthermore, the 3.5mm audio interface is universally supported; thus, any device using it will work. For Xbox Series X/S, users can make use of Razer BlackShark V2 or HyperX Cloud Alpha, which don’t need to be recharged and function on all platforms.

As a dedicated cross platform headset for Xbox Wireless, it performs averagely well in comparison to other Xbox dedicated headsets. For better quality, try the SteelSeries Arctis 9 or Razer Kaira Pro. Furthermore, HyperX CloudX Stinger Core, despite its absence of Bluetooth and low price, fits most of these requirements. However, for these headphones to work wirelessly on a PC, you’ll need an Xbox Wireless adapter.