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While the Freedom 2 earbuds don’t sound as good as the originals, they’re a step forward for the Freedom series and sound better than the originals.

JayBird’s Freedom 2 Bluetooth earbuds are designed for those who like listening to music while working out, especially those looking for a little additional bass. They’re not cheap, but they’re the lightest in-ear and come with an external charging clip. In a nutshell, Jaybird’s Freedom 2 earbuds are a good, workout-friendly option for bass enthusiasts. However, there are better options out there.

Design and build of the Jaybird Freedom 2

The neckband-style Freedom 2 earbuds, available in black or white-and-gold versions, are very light and stylish. They come with four sets of eartip/fin combos, which provide a snug fit and outstanding stability when working out. The design is water-resistant and may be worn over a bike helmet. Users can easily alter the length of the cable by sliding a plastic adjustor along the cable and adjusting the amount of slack.

This cable has a built-in remote control with three buttons and a microphone pocket on the right side. For playing and call management, it contains a center button sandwiched by volume up and down keys that also act as track navigation buttons when held longer. Additionally, while you’re on a phone call, the volume down button functions as a mute button, and pressing the volume up button allows you to navigate between conversations.

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Another method JayBird makes the Freedom 2 so thin is by removing the charging connector from the earbuds. A charging clip is attached to the remote-control compartment’s charging connectors. There are advantages and disadvantages to this design. The charging clip can be misplaced easily since it’s about the size of a Tootsie Roll.

Without the provided charging cord, the earbuds can be recharged using only the clip. The internal battery of the Freedom 2 has a four-hour battery life extension potential. Earphones on their own have an estimated four-hour battery life, which isn’t great, but this doesn’t include the extra four hours of battery life you receive when using the clip.

The earphones include a shirt clip to keep the cable slack in check and a little bag to keep the earphone from becoming damaged.

The built-in microphone can deliver above-average clarity. We could comprehend every word we recorded using the Voice Memos app on an iPhone 6s, which is crisper than we generally anticipate from inline microphones on Bluetooth earbuds. It was one of the better-sounding microphones we tested.

Connectivity of the Jaybird Freedom 2

So, if you’re expecting a Bluetooth five device, you’re out of luck. It’s not a huge problem, however. For the most part, everything worked well. I didn’t encounter any issues when testing. Anywhere between the normal range of 15-30 feet, I could maintain a firm connection until skipping began. It’s excellent news if you intend to use them while biking or exercising if your phone is in your pocket.

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If you wear them properly, the control module sits exactly behind your right ear. This makes it simple to utilize the controls. With various clicks and holds on its three buttons, you may pause/play music, control the volume, and skip songs. They aren’t difficult to remember and are common to most Bluetooth headphones, so getting accustomed to them shouldn’t take too much time. Also, if you hold down the center multifunction button, you can access Siri or Google. Additionally, a high-quality microphone embedded inside the device allows you to take and make phone calls. I didn’t get any complaints about sounding like I was underwater or far away when I used these headphones to make a couple of phone calls.

Battery Life of the Jaybird Freedom 2

These headphones aren’t any better than the original Freedom headphones regarding battery life. Even though Jaybird says they can last up to 8 hours on a single charge when using it with the charging case. You’ll receive around 3 hours and 20 minutes of continuous playing duration on 100% volume without the charging clip attached. So, you’d better consider if this earbud is worth the price if you will use them for extended periods.

Sound Performance and Quality of the Jaybird Freedom 2

While the bass is strong, it isn’t overpowering, which is ideal for pushing yourself to your physical and mental limits. Even if you’re only playing them for recreational purposes, you can nearly feel the vibrations of the low-E string as Michael Kiwanuka plucked it in “Home Again” by him.

To be fair, things become a bit congested at 1:07 when all the other instruments join in, but it still manages to keep things well spaced out. You can get a fair idea of how the music is mixed even if they aren’t precise. A good example is when the violins come in behind his singing. Not that you should use them for mixing, but I’m not accustomed to talking about sonic nuances in Bluetooth earbud reviews, so I thought I’d give it a go anyway.

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The kick drum loop has less high-mid presence than normal on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “No Church in the Wild,” resulting in a notably muted assault. As a result, its low-frequency increase is matched by its long sustain, which gives the song an extra punch. A bass-heavy sound is created when the sub-bass synth hits are used in conjunction with the forceful delivery. There is some sculpting in the highs, but it is simply no match for the ferocity of the lows, and at times the voices sound like they are waging battle with the bass-forward portions of the mix. The vocals on this track seem clear and even sibilant.

The opening scene of John Adams’ The Gospel According to the Other Mary, for example, has bass levels that are almost hilariously inflated. Higher-register brass, strings, and vocals are practically overpowered by lower-register instrumentation. The Freedom 2 isn’t what you need if you’re a classical music enthusiast. However, it’s unlikely that you’re working out to classical music.

Do we recommend the Jaybird Freedom 2?

I’m not thrilled about the pricing of the Jaybird Freedom 2 earphones. At approximately $119, they’re not inexpensive enough for buyers to ignore their flaws. The fit and battery life are the same as the originals. Despite the enhanced ear tips and cable management clips, they fail like the prior one. All other things being equal, I’ll reach for the reworked versions whenever possible, except at the gym. But are you willing to overcome the drawbacks to have better sound? You may want to consider the original Jaybird Freedom earphones if you believe the X3s are too big for your needs and are searching for a more compact set of headphones. If you were satisfied with the original Freedoms, then upgrading to the Freedom 2 earbuds is a no-brainer. But it’s possible that they will not be as enjoyable to you as the previous ones.