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The JBL Tune 230NC TWS earphones attempt to deliver JBL’s distinctive sound to earbuds and its durable Bluetooth speakers. The company states that these earphones are lightweight and packed with sonic trickery. Marketing jargon aside, they’re like the current crop of earbuds on the market.

It’s up to you to decide whether it’s good enough, so this review aims to determine what stands it out from the rest.

You’d Probably like the 230NC TWS if:

  • you need a lightweight design and earbuds that truly stay fixated on the ears.
  • you are a commuter who needs to hear stop announcements because of its ability to allow in more ambient noise if desired.

Using the JBL Tune 230NC TWS

The silicone ear tips of the JBL Tune 230NC hold them firmly in place despite their stem-style shape. The earbuds were a little thicker than Apple's AirPods; they were comfortable to use and remained in place during the testing period, even when jogging. Increasing the intensity of your exercises may lead to certain fitness concerns, but running and home workouts perform well.

The IPX4 sweat- and water-resistant certification of the Tune 230NC makes it ideal for more demanding usage, and three sets of ear tips provide a comfortable fit for many users.

ANC, Ambient Aware, and Off listening modes are accessible through the buds' stems, and you can also go back and forth between songs with a double- or triple-tap. Using these controls, you can also access Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant hands-free via the phone's four microphones.

Although the Tune 230NC's touch controls aren't perfect, they're generally reliable. Even though it may be difficult to direct numerous taps fast on the go, these wireless earbuds are a decent example of touch controls. They don't seem extremely sensitive, which may lead to unintentional activation.

Dropping them inside the charging case while they're not in use is an option. It's neither the tiniest nor the most attractive thing you'll see. On the other hand, the flip lid ensures that they're safe and protected and fit snugly within. The buds' battery life is shown by a series of LED lights on the case's front, and a USB-C connector is located on the back for charging the buds.

Use your device's Bluetooth settings to link the JBL Tune 230NC buds or use the JBL Headphones companion app to do it automatically. It's possible to check the battery level, activate ANC, and activate the Ambient Aware and TalkThru modes through the App. You can hold a regular conversation with the latter while keeping the earbuds in. There's also an EQ here, allowing you to choose from a preset library or make your own.

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App Features

The Tune 230NC TWS is compatible with the JBL Headphones app for the two major operating systems - iOS and Android. You should install the App since it provides a wide range of options for personalization. The menu has shortcuts to various controls like ANC, ambient sound, and other features for Audio & Video. The gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner of the screen gives users access to many other options. The earbuds make a noise if you activate the Find My Buds feature for easy location.

Furthermore, the Portable App has an equalization that lets you adjust the sound quality of your headphones. In addition, the battery life of the casing and each bud is visibly displayed on the screen.

Supports for Bluetooth codecs

The SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs are supported via an innovative Bluetooth 5.2 feature. Subsequently, Apple users have access to AAC, but the same can't be said for Android users. Normal, Audio, and Video playback modes are available via the dedicated App to compensate for this. The final setting attempts to reduce audio-visual latency, but it falls short of perfection.

Roona Laila's performance in Mane Na Meri Balma can be used as an example. While the actors lip-synch and dance to her song, in Video mode, the ankle bells of the dancers, the music, and their motions aren't always in sync. Even if the lag isn't severe, it might impair your performance in high-intensity video games.

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Removing the charging case from the 239NC TWS instantly results in pair mode anticipation of use. However, be advised that Bluetooth multipoint functionality isn't supported. It's necessary to put the earphones back in the case and remove them or press and hold an earbud until it enters pairing mode again to get them to reconnect. Before disconnecting, please turn off the Bluetooth signal on the previous device to prevent it from re-establishing a connection.

Specifically, how effective is JBL's noise-canceling technology?

Active noise canceling is not fantastic on the 230NC TWS, but the JBL Headphones app lets you customize how the ANC handles background noise. These earphones cannot filter out all the noise you'll encounter while driving. It is challenging to keep these buds apart because of their predisposition to droop a little bit. Screeching automobile horns will get through the isolation of these earphones unless you have a perfect seal.

Disabling ANC, on the other hand, has its advantages. It allows more noise, but you can hear the bus stop announcements. Take calls or place coffee orders without taking out your buds while using the TalkThru mode (but you have to pause content manually). Additionally, the Ambient Aware mode allows you to create a compromise between extremes.

Audio Features and Battery Life of the JBL Tune 230NC

We think the Tune 230NC's 6mm speakers provide a pleasing, bassy sound. You'll need to play about with the App's EQ settings for a while to get a sound that isn't too dominated by booming bass.

Even at low intensity, there's no muddled sound here, which is a welcome relief. Listening to podcasts will benefit from the Tune 230NC's treble sparkle. Tracks with a lot of vocalists or instruments are well-served by the smooth mids.

Active noise cancellation and Ambient Aware, and TalkThru modes let you decide how much of that sound you hear. Indoors and outdoors, the ANC works effectively, allowing us to block out the sound of the jet engine on our multi-flight journey for a vacation, the sound of a train, or the noise of traffic when we are out on our own. However, you'll have to spend extra if you want the best noise reduction.

You can use the earbuds' touch controls to switch between the ANC and TalkThru modes when you want to hear what's happening around you. It does an excellent job of making the conversations around you the most prominent sound in your ears, but users can't tailor how much sound is allowed back in.

Regarding call quality, the four onboard microphones generally provide clear call quality, albeit not completely free of chaotic sounds. Even if they're reasonably priced, you'd be better served by other microphones if you're concerned about crystal-clear call quality.

If you utilize the JBL Tune 230NC headphones' active noise cancellation, you'll receive eight hours of listening time; if you don't, you'll get 10 hours. If you're using the headphones in ANC mode, a fully charged case may provide up to 24 hours of battery life.

There was no significant drop-off in use when we tested the specified timeframes. Listening for an hour with ANC on resulted in a drop-off of 2-3 percent, whereas listening for an hour without ANC resulted in just 1%. Also, remember that these earbuds have fast charging, allowing users to obtain two hours of gameplay from a 10-minute charge. As a result, it will take longer to reach 0% battery life with a fully charged case.

The recovery period from zero to one hundred percent is two hours, but our experience suggests that you won't have to do that for some time.

JBL Tune 230NC TWS mic

Four microphones in total may be used for voice calls, provided your network or carrier supports the feature. Call control can always be accessed on both earbuds once a call is received. Users can double-tap to respond and hold to refuse when a new user joins. If you're on a call, you can mute or unmute the earphones' mic by still using the double-tap feature or tapping and holding again. Notwithstanding, parties can hear each other well over the phone, and background noise does not interfere with the discussion.

Is the JBL Tune 230NC TWS worth your money?

The Tune 230NC TWS is an attractive choice for those who prefer music entertainment while driving or exercising. On the road, the earbuds' noise cancellation can be adjusted to do simple tasks like purchasing a cup of coffee or hearing stop announcements. Furthermore, using them when working out won't be a problem since they are sweat- and splash-proof. It also allows you rapid access to voice assistants if you know how to use the touch controls. On a hectic day, the earbuds can be used to catch up on alerts or get directions. However, the Tune 230NC TWS is not very comfy. In addition, it has weird features like chirping when the battery is below 50% and a wobbly charging cover.

Are there better alternatives to the JBL Tune 230NC TWS? The Bose Sport Earbuds are perfect for commuters since they allow ambient noise so owners can listen to music while on the run. For those looking for a headset with multipoint access and a higher water-resistant IP57 certification, the Jabra Elite Active 75t is an excellent option – although the JBL Tune 230NC TWS is more affordable.